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Endless Natural Nails:

Gel Mani $35           

Gel Pedi $50

Manicure $15                          

Color change hands $10

French Gel Mani $43              

French Manicure $25

Color change feet $17           

Color change Gel $25 & 30

Remove Gel polish $10         

Vinylux     +$3

Nails cut $7                            

Toes cut $10

Chrome +10

Endless Artificial Nails:

New acrylic tips $55               

Acrylic fill-ins $45

New Gel tips $80             

Gel fill-ins $50

New P&W Gel $95           

P&W Gel fill-ins $85

New Solar P&W $90                

Solar P&W fill-ins $80

Ombre new set $80

Nail repair $ 5&UP                

Acrylic take-off $25&UP               

Nail Art Design $10&UP

New Dip Powder $50

New Dip Power with Tip &$60

Long nail Tip extra $10

Some special nail shapes extra $5&UP

Endless Waxing:

Eye Brown $10 

Lip $10 

Chin $10&UP

Half legs $45&UP           

Full legs $60&UP

Face $38&UP 

Bikini $40&UP

Under arms $25&UP

Endless Eyelashes:

Eyelash Extension $45

Endless Pedi Pampering:

Regular Pedi $28

Soak feet in warm water, trim, shape, buff, clean cuticle,

light massage with lotion, and finish with regular nail polish.


French look  $10&UP

Nail designs  $10&UP



5 minutes $10

10 minutes $15

15 minutes $25      

20 minutes $30


Hot Stone Spa Pedi $65

Spa Pedicure with hot stones can help reduce fatigue feet,

induce deep tissue relaxation and increase energy levels as

well as sooth the nerves.  Pampering your feet eases stress

and promoting and overall sense of well-being.


Wax-Gloves Treat Pedi $65

Spa Pedicure with warm Paraffin-wax treatment that

provides deep conditioning for smoother skin; strengthens

nails while soothes exhausted feet, discomfort of painful

joints and stimulates circulation.


Woe to Wow Pedi $65

Spa Pedicure with unique pedicure product developed

specifically for Doctor to cure common callused conditions. 

Transform rough heels to smooth in minutes.


Endless’ Pampering Pedi $65

Indulge your sole with luxuriate aromatherapy treatments

with spa that helps exfoliate, nourish, hydrate & moisturize

the skin.



Please inform us if any medical condition prior

to service in order to prevent adverse events.

No refunds once services have commenced.

We reserve the right to refuse service.


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